Signed 50+ Clients During Covid & Launched a Brand New Segment of Business!


"Where do I even begin!? I absolutely loved going through Ashley’s program and learning so much about how to make my business more profitable! She is hands-down the best coach and super committed to her students. She is also highly knowledgeable of the industry, marketing, sales and so much more...Because of the demand, I was able to raise my prices and needless to say I have had my best year yet!!! I highly recommend Ashley and her program! It works!"


  • 2009-2013

    Finished my MBA program, got married, moved to Nashville with my new hubby and then moved back to the Colorado mountains in 2010 to work as a Banking Officer. 11 Months later, I got fired from my job in the corporate banking world (after being promoted) for standing up to unethical behavior and refusing to compromise my values and hurt other people around me.

  • 2013-2018

    I was so mad about being fired that it gave me the FIRE to start a photography business. I built and scaled that local service-based business for six years while having 3 babies at home and becoming one of the top photographers in my area. Enjoyed many $20k months and had a business that was on auto-pilot!

  • FALL 2018

    But God had different plans...I started dreaming of something bigger, and out of obedience closed my business right after having our 3rd baby. I took an online course about building online courses and enrolled $20K in coaching clients that November. I took the pressure off of myself in that season, and took my time building my program.

  • 2019

    I turned away $20K months and 250+ inquiries that next year as I built my online course and helped my first set of students see success in their business. I officially went online in May 2019 and launched constantly! I tested out several programs and continued to try and crack the code while prioritizing spending most of my time at home with my babies.

  • SPRING 2020

    My online business was growing and things were starting to come together, but I was feeling conflicted. I had launched over a dozen times by this point and was starting to feel stuck - I just didn't seem to be connecting with the clients that I really felt called to serve and it felt like SO MUCH EFFORT that wasn't yielding the results I knew I could have.

  • SUMMER 2020

    The world was in chaos and God was pressing on my heart to be speaking out about my beliefs and put my business on the altar. At the risk of losing clients and having my name smeared, I chose to be bold and started speaking the truth. I lost a few clients and got some online hate...but that was when it all changed...and my journey started to make sense regarding what God had been doing in my life.

  • FALL 2020

    My business EXPLODED. Not only was I in complete and total alignment with where God was calling me, but clients who had a heart for the things I had a heart for started flocking to my business. I blew past the 6-Figure mark within less than 6-months of "putting my business on the altar" and started branching out even more.

  • 2021

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  • You're being taught by an MBA 

    My education has prepared me to be a great business owner and educator. Having a Masters in Business Administration (with an emphasis in Managing for Sustainability), as well as having an undergraduate degree in Business Management - has given me all of the proven results-oriented educational tools and principles that I pass onto you. YUP - take my course and YOU WILL BASICALLY BE GETTING AN MBA EDUCATION!

Q: Can you guarantee I will be successful?

A: My greatest desire and my heart of hearts is for you to kill it in your business. But, I really can't guarantee that you will make it. I wish I could - but, if you trust my processes, follow my systems, and work your butt off - there is NO REASON why you won't be successful. At the end of the day, there is no replacement for hard-work. This is a season of planting so you can BLOOM. This is an intensive course for serious online biz owners looking to start or grow their businesses. It takes courage though - and it takes times. There is no quick fix, but if you're looking to stay in the industry long-term, this will absolutely transform your life.

Q: I can't afford it - I have other debt and expenses to worry about.

A: Hey, I get it. I am the queen of DIY and being resourceful. But as I got busier in my life, investing in education so I could have quick and strategic results was the best pay (and time!) raise I ever got. This course will pay for itself if you apply the principles correctly with only 1-2 students ideally. The real question is - can you afford NOT to change your business? Literally, if you keep operating like you have been, you will lose way more money in the short term and long term. Remember - high-interest car payments, rent/mortgage payments, $5/day coffee habits - it's where your priorities and values lie. Your clients will want to invest with someone who has invested in themselves. 

Q: Do you offer refunds? 

Q: What if I get behind?

Q: How soon can I start?

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